Me at Kilgore Falls on February 7, 2016


Hiking Adventures 2018

Last updated January 3, 2018


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Franklin Point State Park
On New Years Eve, Norma and I had a few friends over to play games and ring in the New Year. Games included Crimes Against Humanity, Codenames, and Jenga. For the latter, it fell when Norma placed the second block on the 36th floor. Asha found it terrifying and quickly ran to get away from the loud crash. The best that a group and I have done is 37 complete floors on Christmas Day, 1999.

The following morning, on New Years Day 2018, we met Lisa A. and her friends at Franklin Point State Park for a short winter hike. The temperature was in the teens but at least it was sunny and not too windy.

So far, this winter has been colder than normal. Quite a bit of water at the park is frozen, including a significant portion of Deep Creek. See first photo.

We saw several tree branches with things that sometimes looked like a growth. It turns out these are wings on a young sweetgum tree. See second photo.

Dave L. joined us on this hike. I've paddled with him a few times. He is extremely knowledgeable about the area. He pointed out one section in the park that was once a runway. Looking at satellite photos, this area really stands out because it is so straight.

The Chesapeake Bay was frozen as far out as 100 meters from the shore. See third photo. Not a good day for kayaking. Out in the Bay, we saw an interesting ice sculture that Mother Nature created (fourth photo).

The last time Norma and I hiked here was June 25, 2016. She ended up attracting 20+ ticks. The great thing about hiking when it is so cold is you don't have to worry about such things.

Eventually, we made our way to Flag Pond. I was told that this body of water is only a few inches deep. It appeared to be frozen solid. See fifth photo. Note that this is a different Flag Pond than the one at Flag Ponds Park which is in Calvert County. We were in Anne Arundel County.

Near the pond, Lisa found what we believe is a muskrat skull (sixth photo). That's Dave behind her.

We found some debris from an old dwelling along with a big osage orange tree. A lot of fruit lay on the ground. See Dave with it in the seventh photo.

After walking 4+ miles, we drove to Gambrills to meet Lisa and her friends at the home of John and Diane S. where we had a little potluck. Then I came home to clean up the basement after having done some electrical repair work the previous day.
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