Saki at Sandy Point State Park, June 1999


Kayaking Adventures 2005 and Before

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Greg Barton and Me

Greg Barton
On July 20, 2005, I had the opportunity to try out the Epic V10 surf ski and paddle with Greg Barton at Pier 7 in Annapolis, Maryland. Mr. Barton holds many prestigious kayaking titles, amongst which are
  • Double Olympic Gold Medalist (K-1 & K-2 1000 meters), Seoul, Korea, 1988
  • Olympic Bronze Medalist (K-1 1000 meters), Barcelona, Spain, 1992
  • Olympic Bronze Medalist (K-1 1000m), Los Angeles, CA, 1984
  • Mr. Barton spoke about paddles and maximizing stroke efficiency. Then, he took us out in small groups and gave us personal critiques. It was an honor to receive advice from a living legend.
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    Chesapeake Paddlers Association participation at Paddle for the Cure

    Paddle for the Cure overall winners in the 7.9 mile course

    Second Annual Paddle for the Cure
    This event took place on June 18, 2005 at Gunpowder Falls State Park, Hammerman Area. I collected $360 to be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. With the large number of volunteers and participants, almost $20,000 was raised. I competed in the 7.9 mile race for the more experienced paddlers. There were about 50 others in this event. I finished in 1:17:35, averaging 6.11 mph, a personal best. I took second place overall, finishing 15 seconds behind the winner. I led for the first 7 miles with the winner hot on my tail, only to have him kick it into high gear at the end. The first photo on the left shows folks from my kayak club, the Chesapeake Paddlers Association (CPA). Some participated while others helped run the event. The second photo on the left is of the overall winners. On the right is Charlie who took first place. In the middle, is me. On the left is my friend Neil who paddled a Futura Sea Horse outrigger canoe and took third place.
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    Assateague Island ponies, April 29, 2005

    Ponies at Assateague Island
    From April 29 to May 1, 2005, I camped at Assateague Island National Seashore on the eastern shore of Maryland. The island is famous for its large number of wild ponies (actually horses) and sika deer. We originally planned to explore Sinepuxent Bay via kayak but changed our plans after wind gusts up to 30 knots were announced. Instead we paddled up the Pocomoke River, launching at Pocomoke River Canoe Company in Snow Hill and turning around at Porters Crossing Road. The deep winding river took us through natural woodlands where we saw many turtles sunning themselves on the logs.
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    Oscar Chalupsky

    Oscar Chalupsky and Me
    On October 30, 2004, I had the opportunity to meet Oscar Chalupsky at Truxton Heights Park in Annapolis, Maryland.  Mr. Chalupsky is the
  • 10 time winner of the Molokai World Ocean Championships
  • 6 time South African Ironman Life Guard Champion
  • Captain of the South African team in the 1992 Olympics
  • winner of the Sella Descent marathon kayak race
  • 10 time winner of the world’s longest surf ski race (180 miles)
  • 2 time Tahiti World Cup surf ski winner.
  • Mr. Chalupsky gave an informative talk on boat designs and paddling form.  Later, we had an opportunity to paddle with the master.

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    Saki on surf ski in Pocomoke, October 9, 2004

    Pocomoke Sound
    On October 9, 2004, I paddled with the Chesapeake Paddlers Association (CPA), launching from Tall Pines Harbor Campground
    in Sanford, Virginia.  About 8 of us explored the Saxis Wildlife Management Area.  Photo taken by Brian Blankinship.
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    Sande with turtle at Janes Island, July 3, 2004

    Janes Island
    Sande and I camped at Janes Island State Park on July 2-4, 2004.  We found several turtles along with the remains of hatched turtle eggs.  The shells curled up on themselves and felt like plastic, not brittle like chicken egg shells.
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    Whitewater rafting on the American River, near Coloma, California, May 2002

    Whitewater rafting, May 3, 2002
    Not exactly kayaking but this photo doesn't seem to fit anywhere else.  Sande and I participated in guided whitewater rafting trip just outside of Coloma, California.  We paddled down the South Fork of the American River toward Folsom Lake with American River Recreation, phone: 1-800-333-7238.  Shortly after this picture was taken, one of the people fell out.  We eventually found him.
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