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Saki-ism isn't a religion or a real philosophy.  It is just a name I assigned to some of the bullsh*t ideas I often have about life.  Don't take any of this too seriously, God knows I don't.

The above photo was taken May 8, 2004 at the Department of Maryland Marine Corps League State Convention in Ocean City, Maryland.

On Food
If God didn't want us to eat meat, then he wouldn't have made it taste so good.

What is the fun of being at the top of the food chain if you are gonna eat vegetables?

It's a sin to waste food but a bigger sin to waste meat.

My four food groups are mammals, birds, fish, and everything else.

A Saki-burger is a half pound burger (preferably venison) off the grill covered with a thin slice of grilled Spam, sprinkled with bacon bits, covered in cheese, with ketchup. The melted cheese keeps the bacon bits from falling off.

Free food takes precedence over healthy food.

On Life

The secret to success is to have low expectations.

Simplicity + Functionality = Beauty

Accept nothing less than mediocrity.

Never underestimate the power of compounding interest.

Tesla (the physicist, not the rock band) once said
"There shall be no rest, lest a taste for idleness be acquired."

I saw the following posting on a kayak website:
"Never judge a day by the weather. The best things in life aren't things. He who dies with the most toys still dies. There are 2 ways to be rich - make more or desire less. No rain, no rainbows. Take it easy. -Hawaiian rules to live by"
I think Budha would agree with the "desire less" part.

I've been accused of having a type A, sometimes corporate minded, obsessive personality. Here are my rules to live by...though you may not live very long.
"Time is money, money is time. Never waste either. There will be plenty of time to rest when you're dead."

My Goal
To have a job I enjoy which pays me enough money and gives me enough time to enjoy the activities I love and to have good friends with whom I can enjoy these activities.

I'm not a big city person for various reasons:
  • Putting bars on your windows to protect your house is a bad thing.
  • Having to "buzz" people up to visit your apartment (e.g. Seinfeld) or enter your place of business is a bad thing.
  • Places don't have a strong police presence unless there is a reason for it (e.g. Chinatown in Washington D.C.).

  • My Utopia
    In my utopia, people do nice things for each other with no ulterior motive. Friendship has no bounds on race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation. People speak the truth and honesty is assumed. When someone says 'A,' we interpret 'A,' not 'B,' and not 'C.' People don't read into statements or misinterpret them. People are treated as individuals and not stereotypes. Nobody is wrongly accused. People aren't mean. The strong help the weak and the weak are grateful. There are no bullies. Status is irrelevant. People help out in the best way they can. Effort and intentions matter. People respect privacy, property, and the environment.

    The most important things in life

    ·  Good boots.

    ·  Good teeth.

    ·  A car that gets you from point A to point B reliably. It doesn't have to look just has to do its job.

    ·  To be able to fight well enough to defend yourself or at least to be able to run fast enough to get away. If you can't do either, you're screwed.

    ·  A good boss.

    ·  A strong back.

    ·  A good pair of knees.

    ·  A healthy outlook on life.

    The nine Cs
    It is interesting that many of the biggest causes of stress all start with the letter 'C'. Precisely a reason you should not date people whose name starts with 'C' or give your children 'C' names.  There are nine 'C' stresses...can you think of more?

    ·  Cash: not having enough

    ·  Cars: when they don't work

    ·  Computers: when they don't work (for the Windows 98 operating system, that is most of the time)

    ·  Children: why I don't have any

    ·  Chicks: can't live with them, can't kill them

    ·  Credit: when it is bad

    ·  Cops: when you didn't think they were watching

    ·  The C programming language (and C++): because pointers suck ass

    ·  Commitment: death or marriage...hmmm, let me think

    When I am king... (yes, I'm pretending I'm Adam Corolla)

    ·  Married people who work at the same location or for the same company MUST have the same last name.

    ·  Companies that construct anything that might lead to environmental pollution must pay the government a security deposit so that if they go bankrupt, there will be money to clean up what they've done.

    ·  Pennies will be abolished.

    ·  People will be able to claim pets adopted from an animal shelter as tax writeoffs.

    ·  Teenagers who are not recognized as adults when it comes to seeing a rated R movie will not have to pay adult price admission.

    ·  Documents must define acronyms before using them.

    ·  Asking, "When are you two going to get married" in front of your non-fiancee girlfriend will be cause for justifiable homocide.

    ·  In addition to beltway on-ramp signs stating east, west, north, or south, they will also list clockwise or counterclockwise.
    · There will be what I call "reality pricing." We already have this for cigarettes. Why not for other things? If you heat your home with coal, you will pay a tax to help cover the environmental and health damage resulting from burning coal. If you obese (for non-medical reasons), you will pay for more health insurance. If you engage in very risky hobbies (e.g. base jumping), you will pay more for health insurance.

    What I fear
  • A government that embraces religious idealogies. I'm all for the separation of church and state.
  • Extremism; any government too far to the left or the right.
  • A government that strips people of their firearms.

  • What I'd like people to say about me after I die:
  • He was trustworthy and reliable.
  • He wrote well.
  • He was a fast kayaker.
  • He was organized.
  • He got the job done.
  • I felt safe around him.
  • He had a mean left hook.
  • He was disciplined.
  • He had great taste in music.
  • He was honorable.

  • How to be like me (not that anyone would want to):
  • Listen to plenty of hard rock music.
  • Eat lots of meat (preferrably red).
  • Lift weights and savor the burn because pain is weakness leaving the body.
  • On weekends, make one day productive and make the other day fun.

  • I'd rather have...
  • more power than more strength. Power is a function involving both strength and speed.
  • strength in proportion to my bodyweight than brute strength (i.e. gymnast strength rather than powerlifter strength)
  • more speed than more endurance.
  • experience than youth.
  • more time than more money.
  • a fast kayak than a fast car.
  • hot humid weather than cold weather.
  • gray hair than no hair.

  • Logos
    People often ask me about the red patch on a cap I used to wear. It is the insignia for the Second Marine Division. Everyone needs a logo. Some names are well suited for a logo. The name "Saki" is not one of them. If your name is Joey, you can use a baby kangaroo as your logo. If your name is Bill, you can use a duck head as your logo. If your name is Oliver, you can use an olive branch as your logo. If your name is Dick, know.

    One day, I was feeling sad. Then I read something that made my day. I think it is a little Buddhist without intending to be so. Regardless, the message is universal. Click Attitude.

    Who am I?
    In many ways, I think of myself as the average American male.
  • I enjoy high-budget movies with good fight scenes, car chases, and things blowing up. Throw in a few zombies and you've got yourself a real winner.
  • I'm all for public transportation but I also like the freedom of having my own car to carry my kayak to various launch sites, to go hiking at remote locations, and to haul bags of dirt and plywood home from the hardware store.
  • I don't care about one's caste, lineage, or status.
  • I don't care what your religious beliefs long as you don't try to convert me.
  • I like hard rock, classic rock, some pop rock, a little country, some blues, and bluegrass. I'm not much into techno, reggae, folk, jazz (except dixieland), or opera. Maybe I'm a little musically ignorant but I know what I like.
  • I'd rather live in the country or the suburbs than in a big city.
  • I read about one book every year or two. Generally, the stuff I read is about rock stars, military non-fiction, or fighters.
  • I like having access to public drinking fountains (not so common overseas).
  • I'd rather own a humble house and a simple car than make payments on a big house and fancy car.
  • I'd rather have a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a Diet Pepsi than a tofu burger with mushrooms and wine.
  • I enjoy a little manual labor.
  • I like women that aren't afraid of snakes.
  • I don't mind paying my share of taxes (I don't mind paying higher taxes) as long as it is put to good use.
  • I like to do a little volunteer work from time to time.

    Saki-speak encompasses some words, pronunciations, and phrases that may be somewhat unconventional.

    Bostonians tend to drop R's. I sometimes add them
         Silicon becomes silicorn
         Leprechaun becomes leprecorn
         Poison ivy becomes poison ivory
         Potato becomes pahtater
         Millimeter becomes millermeter
         Willow becomes willer
         Centipede becomes centerpede
         Delaware becomes Dellerwhere
         A capella becomes arcapella
         Window becomes winder
         Pro bono becomes pro boner

    Bachelor-proof: The state of being infallible to the weaknesses commonly associated with bachelors. For example, a recipe is bachelor-proof if the ingredients and cooking time provide ample room for error. Clothes may be bachelor-proof if it can be successfully washed and dried under many different machine settings.

    Fugly: Fat and ugly or f**king ugly.

    The Saki Effect: When notice is given that Saki will be attending a social event, a mass exodus of women takes place.

    Jelly donut: A reference to someone who is soft (weak). This is a term used by my platoon. Not sure if other platoons used this term.

    In 1493, Columbus sailed the deep blue sea.

    Leaves of six make you itch.

    In American English, we borrow certain words from other cultures. Similarly, I borrow words from other people. Jimmy has influenced my dialect considerably.
  • Jackpot: What a person's eyes do just before they lose consciousness after being hit dead on the button.
  • Hacksaw: Bent over one arm dumbell row.
  • Banjo: The act of a large piece of metal flying through the air.
  • Soup bones: Fists.
  • Divebomber: In Yoga, this is known as a down dog/up dog pushup. Some people call it a Hindu pushup. SEALS are known for doing this type of pushup also.
  • Breadbasket: The abdominal area.
  • Soggy: Fat and out of shape.

    Political Views

    I consider myself the average American. If the president of some foreign country wanted to know what Americans are like then he should forget the ambassador. I would be a much better example of Americana. Don't let my appearance deceive you. My ancestors have been in this country for over a century so I am as Americanized as anyone else.

    I love my country. I served in the Marines as an infantryman during the first Gulf War. I always vote. I am active in my community association and veterans organization. I write letters to my politicians and I attend candidate speaking events. I read about the candidates and the issues from reliable sources. I complain about the system but I also work to try and fix things.

    I feel that the government spends too much money rewarding people that make bad decisions. Our country was founded on the principle of freedom. But with freedom comes responsibility. If people make a choice that is not in their best interest, then they shouldn't expect the government to come to their rescue.

    I like to work hard and play hard. I realize the value of an education but also know that having a "git-r-dun" attitude is what it takes to achieve anything meaningful in life.

    College is good but not necessary for a lot of jobs. In fact, I think it is overrated and a financial burden for most people. I think our country would be better off if a college degree wasn't seen as being so important. Internships, apprenticeships, and work experience can be better alternatives in many careers.

    I don't care what religion a person is. Just being a good person is much more important and if religion helps keep one on the straight and narrow, then more power to them. Religion isn't something I choose. That is just my personal choice.

    I like lots of different kinds of music: hard rock, pop rock, R&B, bluegrass, and country. But mostly, I like good old rock and roll. Joe Dirt and I have similar taste in music.

    Fiscally, I am a moderate conservative. Socially, I am a moderate Libertarian. I don't much care for political extremes. I get annoyed by people that are quick to judge others by labels, especially political ones.

    I don't like any one party having too much power.

    I think it is important to have a strong military but also to keep our noses out of other people's business unless it really concerns us. And if it does concern us, then let's work with other countries that are also affected and try to find a peaceful resolution first. I'm tired of America being the world's police force.

    Much of our involvement with the War on Terror stems from our dependence on oil from the Middle East. If we were energy independent, it is likely we would have far fewer enemies and less military presence in countries that don't want us there in the first place. For more information, read Retired Marine general explains to The Oklahoman the importance of energy independence.

    I don't like when people let their political party dictate how they think. People should learn to think for themselves. In the 2014 election, I witnessed lots of people in my area making such decisions, crossing party lines. There were numerous Republican wins both in the state of Maryland and in my county (Howard) despite the fact that

  • Democrats outnumber Republicans more than 2 to 1 in Maryland
    - from Washington Post - In Maryland, discontent with taxes, economy paved way for Hogan's victory
  • In Howard County,...Democrats hold a registration advantage of 1.7 to 1.
    - from "The Columbia Flier - Kittleman wins county executive race"

  • I like diversity. But there is much more to diversity than race. While big cities like Washington D.C. boast having a great deal of racial diversity, they are lacking in political diversity. This is not the kind of place I want to live.
  • Democrats make up 76 percent [in Washington D.C.].
    - from Changing Demographics May Tip Balance in Race for Mayor in Washington
  • Compare this to the national stats:
  • As of October 2014, Gallup polling found that 43% of Americans identified as Democrats and 39% as Republicans, when party "leaners" were included; those figures changed to 41% Democratic and 42% Republican after the November 2014 elections.
    - from Political party strength in U.S. states

  • I am all for higher taxes to reduce our national debt. I believe in taxes to encourage people to make healthy choices (i.e. sin tax). Taxing junk food, alcohol, the burning of fossil fuels, fuel inefficient vehicles, and any product deemed harmful to people's health or the environment (e.g. aerosols, toxic paints, styrofoam, lead ammunition, etc.). People that make healthy choices (rich or poor) should pay few additional taxes. For the rest of us, our increase in taxes would be proportional to the unhealthy choices we make. Yes, I do make unhealthy choices. I enjoy my Diet Pepsi and empty calorie cheese crackers. But those are my choices and nobody is forcing me to consume them.

    The problem with fracking is that it is "above the law." There are plenty of laws in place that control what can be put into the environment. Fracking operations have been given exception to many of these laws. I say companies that do fracking should be held to the same standards as any individual or small company. When this all started, the environmental groups blamed the Republicans. But now, the Democrats are no better. I'm not saying we should ban fracking...if it can't be done in a way that meets the requirements that would affect non-fracking entities, then the companies involved must be held financially accountable. And if they can't meet these standards, then their operation won't be profitable and they will stop. Capitalism can work as long as the government is there to make sure everyone plays fair and guarantees that nobody is above the law.

    I think it is good to help the poor but more important to help the poor to learn to help themselves. Welfare should be a safety net, not a way of life. It certainly shouldn't be seen as an acceptable lifestyle. I believe in widening the gap between welfare and minimum wage. In many cases, disability can be treated similarly. If someone can't do their job because of a physical limitation, let's see if we can't retrain them to do another job rather than give them disability checks for the rest of their lives. A hand up, not a handout.

    I think socialized medicine is a good thing. If the government is going to give out anything, then I'd rather have it give out basic level health care rather than long term unemployment benefits or extra money for people that keep having children they can't support. But I also think it is the responsibility of people to take care of themselves. Smokers already pay more for life insurance than non-smokers. Similarly, I think people that don't take care of themselves should pay considerably more for health insurance. The government needs to encourage people to make the right choices (e.g. eating healthy and exercise). Too much health care money is being spent on administrative costs. The fact that (as of 2016), other countries are paying less for American drugs than our own citizens is ridiculous.

    I've got nothing against gay marriage, abortion, gender change, right to die, or owning guns. After all, America is the land of freedom, right? In that regard, I'm a somewhat of a Libertarian. But I'm not so sure about legalizing recreational drugs. I'd like to hear how other countries have dealt with this before approving it in this country.

    It is good to own nice things but more important to live within your means. If only our politicians and the people who elect them would understand this. Our standards (both personally and as a society) need to be sustainable.

    Illegal immigration is illegal and should be treated as such. Still, everyone, legal or not, has rights. I believe we should be open to accepting legal immigrants as long as they have skills that our country needs and are willing to live in places where their skills are in demand. I don't feel race or religion should be a factor. In my opinion, the 14th amendment should be repealed.

    I believe that prison should be for people that are a physical threat to society. Victimless crimes such as illegal drug use and tax evasion should be handled with fines, community service, house arrest, etc. Such changes would save the government a great deal of money. I am strongly in favor of prison reform. Many prisoners have mental issues that need to be addressed by mental health professionals. Others need job training. Today's inmates are tomorrow's ex-convicts living among us. Whether or not they return to prison is as much up to us as it is to them.

    I am strongly in favor of election reform. Too much money is being spent on campaigns that could be directed towards efforts that actually help people directly. Elections should be about the people choosing who will represent them. Instead, they have become about supporting political parties. Gerrymandering needs to end. The electoral process needs to be modified or thrown out.

    Washington, D.C. needs representation in Congress. I would say this regardless of the dominant political party there.

    As of 2016, our country is deeply polarized. We are too quick to label people and judge them without actually knowing them. The next time you pass judgement on a particular group, ask yourself how many people in the group you actually know. Be willing to diversity and break stereotypes. Seek to associate with people having different views and backgrounds than yourself. Be willing to listen to dissimilar viewpoints with an open mind. You don't have to agree with others but it is important to at least understand why they feel the way they do. Quit complaining and be part of the solution to unite our divided country. Here is what I've been doing in 2016/2017 to unite people:
  • Writing letters to elected officials: I keep it down to one page, stay focused on a single topic, and be professional. No ranting.
  • Sending non-fiction books about overcoming adversity to local libraries.
  • Volunteering in the community.
  • Working with volunteer groups where a significant proportion of the membership has much different political views than me.
  • Reaching out to help neighbors in need.
  • Making an effort to associate with people having much different views and backgrounds than myself.
  • Donating money towards education, poor people, and the environment.
  • Focus on the positive.
  • Quit preaching to the choir. You'll never change the country if you just explain your views to folks that already think like you.
  • Forget about leaving the country. Rather than give up, instead work on making this country a better place.
  • Wearing a visible safety pin to let others know that I am a "safe" person who is tolerant and non-judgemental.

    Religious Views
    There is no such thing as "God's chosen people." God is not a bigot.

    The Bible is not "the word of God." Every holy document was written by humans, not God. Holy documents are man's interpretation.

    Making food choices because of religious beliefs is just silly. It is your right...I just think that in the 21st century, it is silly.

    God wants us to be happy and not feeling guilty for being an average human. Maybe if you killed someone while driving drunk or did something worse, then you should feel guilty but if you're just an average human, then get over it...everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is that you learn from them.

    I don't like when people let their organized religion dictate how they think. People should learn to think for themselves.

    There are good and bad people of all races, religions, political parties, and sexual orientations. I like good people. I dislike bad people. End of discussion.